Who Decides When Medicine Is Quackery? Using Scientific Evidence To Debunk The Detractors of Natural Medicine

Evidence based medicine is a term that is often used in conventional medicine, but it applies equally to natural medicine.  There is a great deal of scientific evidence that shows that natural, non-invasive forms of medicine, such as Chinese medicine, vitamins, herbs, and other alternative remedies are effective against a variety of conditions.  This article explores some of the unknown dangers of conventional medicine, and the evidence in favor of natural remedies.


“Here are some facts about conventional medicine that you may not be aware of:  First, there is massive corruption concerning pharmaceutical companies and manipulation: manipulation of data in the drug studies (where the FDA takes them to court and wins, and then the drug company has to make a statement of ethics and promise never to do this


again….and they then get sued again later for the same offense with a different drug – according to researcher Peter Gøtzsche in Deadly Medicine and Organized Crime); manipulation of doctors with gifts, trips, money, and dinners (which has become so excessive that New Jersey has just made a law against it); and the incredible number of doctor-caused deaths in hospitals, making iatrogenic death (doctor-caused death) about the third-leading cause of death in this country….”



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