The Hidden Dangers of Plug-In Air Fresheners, And Why You Should Unplug Yours

This article describes the dangers associated with the very common and nearly ubiquitous plug-in air fresheners that are so popular today.


“Nobody likes to come home to a musty-smelling living room. For reasons most of us can easily understand, it’s just not that hot a plan. Of course, it’s always best to be neat and clean, and keep the space moisture-controlled, but what about if you enjoy a pleasant, calming scent? Most people I meet would at this point tell me what brand of plug-in air freshener they use at home; these are so widespread, it’s difficult to not find a home without at least three, gracing the living room, bathroom, and bedroom, typically.

These plug-in scent dispersers are environmentally-friendly, that is true. Plug-ins replaced the aerosol spray scent canisters used by most of us up until about the 1990s. But are there any hidden costs to using plug-in room deodorizers? It turns out, there certainly are concerns. The first, is that these units are risks for household fires. Of course, this is great cause for alarm, but according to the best set of facts we can find, it’s just not true.”


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