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SOU Forum is being updated yet AGAIN. It’s June 13th, 2019, and the world has changed at too rapid a pace to even begin explaining. But as you, the reader, is alive (and hopefully well), you know this is the case.

Sense of Urgency focuses on health studies, complementary modalities, and health and medicine news topics.

Why a Sense of Urgency, then? For those readers working and living the “Urgent Care Provider Life”, you know that walk-in patients demand treatment RIGHT NOW! There is no waiting. This is the case with our health as individuals, families, and nations of people. We must get well, by attending to fact and science-based medicine, right NOW!

A Sense of Urgency is in order,  therefore. An educated, informed medical team, hospital staff, as well as patient, all contribute to a better clinical environment for everyone.

While it is true that new studies, published by universities, independent research groups,and large companies, are available each day, and that some data may contradict other data, we feel that as informed North Americans, citizens of both the United States, Canada, and Mexico, can all benefit from the knowledge.

Does it harm the patient to “know too much?” Firstly, in “patient-centered” environments, the cold condescension of the 1950s doctor is verboten, and with sound reason: The patient may have something important to say. Their ideas matter. Their experience counts.

You must act now to become informed! Do not wait another day! Your world is changing, and along with it, the state of medicine and health knowledge. Let the light illumine you, and learn all you can! Soak up as much  health knowledge as you can, at whatever depth and level you are capable. This is true for an MD, a nurse=practitioner, a patient, or even a patient’s loved one.

SOU Forum’s unique feature articles focus on complementary health modalities, health studies, pregnancy and postnatal health, medical news, and diet news.

Of course, the information presented on SOU Forum should be considered with maturity and intelligence. Health studies, presented in medical journals, as long as much of the other information on this site, has not been evaluated by the FDA, or any other official body. Thus, it is not intended to replace the advice of a qualified medical team.

We hope your first first awes you, shocks you, and overwhelms you. There is an abundance of information available right now that most are unaware of. By the way, did you know that the FDA DID, in fact, approve Selenium supplements as being able to state on their packaging that such supplements can prevent breast cancer? It’s true; but…if you don’t look, you don’t learn.


June 16, 2019

Now even more voices on SOU Forum!  In addition to the quality articles found only on SOU Forum, we now have feeds from even more medical journals, hospitals, and authorities in medicine.