What do different countries call junior doctors?

bmj;382/sep20_10/p2130/FAF1faAt the BMA annual meeting in July, the then foundation year 1 doctor Sai Pillarisetti tabled a motion to revise the term for medical trainees: “This title of junior doctor has proven misleading and indeed demeaning to the general public. It may imply lack of experience or competence, creating a misunderstanding about the work we do and the qualifications we hold.”“The normalisation of the term ‘junior’ in designations can negatively impact confidence levels and may inhibit them from working to their full potential,” Pillarisetti, now an FY2 doctor, tells The BMJ. His motion passed, meaning it is now accepted as a BMA position.The BMA defines junior doctors as “qualified doctors in clinical training [who] have completed a medical degree and can have up to nine years’ of working experience as a hospital doctor, depending on their specialty, or up to five years working and gaining experience to become a GP….
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