NH365 085: Toxic water – Why water purification is a must

naturalhealth365 podcast(NaturalHealth365) Did you know that about 70 percent of the Earth’s surface is covered with water – yet, only about 2.5 percent is fresh water and in many cases that water is severely comprised and not fit for consumption.

A shocking statistic (but, true), more than 3000 children die – everyday around the world – due to the drinking of contaminated drinking water. According to the World Health Organization, 3.2 million children – under the age of five in developing nations – die, each year, as a result of unsafe drinking water and poor sanitation.

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Don’t ignore the dangers of toxic drinking water

These sobering statistics illustrate a lack of concern or knowledge or both among our so-called public health experts and no one – in their right mind – should expect this trend to change for the better, any time soon.

So today, on the NaturalHealth365 Podcast, we’re issuing an urgent warning (and solution) for everyone concerned about the dangers that exists within our current drinking water supply. Industry waste, fluoride, chlorine, pharmaceutical drug residue plus many other unwanted toxic byproducts make it a clear necessity to purify all water that we use – on a daily basis.

If you’re concerned about your drinking water and are looking for a solution … this podcast is perfect for you. So, let’s get started.

Podcast highlights include:

  • What makes the Berkey such a powerful water filter?
  • What type of people purchase and use the Berkey Water Systems?
  • Some people think Berkey is soooo expensive. How does the cost really compare to other filtration systems?
  • What is the lifespan of the Black Berkey Purification Elements?
  • Is the Berkey only good for small families or can larger groups benefit from it?
  • What types of contaminants are removed by the Berkey System?
  • Is there anything the Berkey won’t remove?

How Berkey purifies the water

Water filtration is a complex science, and Berkey tries to use common terms whenever possible so the explanation is more understandable.

Several well-known methods are used to produce the Black Berkey® purification elements. These methods are combined and blended to produce a unique filter process the likes of which the world has never seen. The first line of defense is that the Berkey purification elements are composed of a formulation of more than six different media types, all constructed into a very compact matrix containing millions of microscopic pores.

These pores are so minute that they produce what Berkey refers to as a torturous path that pathogenic bacteria, cysts, parasites, sediment and sedimentary minerals must travel through. These paths are so small that these pollutants physically cannot pass through them and become trapped eliminating them from your drinking water this is known as microfiltration.

Secondly, the media formulation uses unique adsorption and absorption properties. Adsorption works to create an ionic barrier similar to surface tension. This barrier is perfectly suited to the micro-pourous water filter because it effectively allows the tiny pores to block water contaminants that are smaller than the pore size itself.

This blocking process is how the Berkey water filter is able to remove submicron viruses that other brands of water filters cannot without the use of obnoxious chemicals like iodine or chlorine.

Next, the heavy metals ions (mineral molecules) are extracted from the water through an Ion exchange process where they are attracted to and transformed by electrically bonding to the media. Finally, because of their gravity flow nature, water molecules can take several minutes to pass through the filter elements whereas these water molecules passing through other filtration systems pass through in only fractions of a second.

This longer contact time between the water molecules and the filter media, provides much greater removal rates of harmful water contaminates not obtainable through conventional pressurized water filtration methods.

As you can see, the Berkey water purifier incorporates several different scientific methods to produce unmatched drinking water quality. Berkey water filters are able to do all of this and still maintain simplicity.

All that you, as a Berkey user, are required to do is simply pour water into the unit. All of the processes mentioned above will continue to work for you behind the scenes for many years to come. This long filter life allows you to produce purified drinking water for pennies a gallon.

Click here to order a Berkey water purification system today.

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