Townsville Hospital

Townsville Hospital

Townsville Hospital is located at 100 Angus Smith Dr, Douglas QLD 4814. Their maternity services have several options of care where you can choose based on your obstetric or medical health and suit your preferences. The hospital has an available Birth Centre that offers care in a home-like environment. You will receive one-to-one supervision by a known midwife throughout your pregnancy, during labour and birth, and after birth for six weeks. Midwifery Group Practice caseload care is also available.

Midwifery Antenatal Clinic

Townsville Hospital has a midwifery-run antenatal clinic.

Preparation for Birth Classes

Townsville Hospital offers preparation for birth classes.

Caseload Midwifery Practice

A caseload midwifery program is where one or two midwives care for you through pregnancy, birth and beyond. Townsville Hospital offers this option.

Publicly funded homebirth program

Townsville Hospital does not offer a free homebirth program for low risk women.

Parenting Classes

Townsville Hospital offers parenting classes.

Breastfeeding Classes

Townsville Hospital offers breastfeeding classes.

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Does Townsville Hospital offers have visiting private midwives?


Does Townsville Hospital offers have visiting GP Obstetricians?


Does Townsville Hospital offers have visiting Obstetricians?


Hospital Facilities

Antenatal Beds


Birthing Rooms


Postnatal Beds


Special Care Nursery Beds


Neonatal Intensive Care Beds


Are there birth pools available for labour and birth?

Is warm water immersion available during labour? YES

Is waterbirth an available option? YES

Can I use an inflatable birth pool? UNKNOWN

Birth centres are designed to be a home away from home. A birth centre is a separate unit located away from the standard birth unit. Birth centres encompass a philosophy that pregnancy and birth are normal, natural events in the life of a woman and her family.

YES a birth centre is available at this hospital.

Does Townsville Hospital have a birth centre?

Maternity Ward Walkthrough

Birth Suite Walkthrough

What support is available if I have difficulties breastfeeding my baby?

Breastfeeding/lactation clinic? UNKNOWN

Lactation consultants on the postnatal ward? UNKNOWN

Accredited as a baby friendly hospital? YES

Baby-friendly accredited?

Townsville Hospital is accredited under the global Baby Friendly Health Initiative program. The hospital supports breastfeeding, and lactation specialist midwives are on-hand to ensure babies are feeding well before going home.

Townsville Hospital Statistics

PBB is unable to find separate statistics for individual hospitals in Queensland. The following statistics are from Queensland as a whole.

Queensland Hospital Statistics

How a woman’s labour starts influences the chance interventions in labour. If labour starts spontaneously, there is less likelihood of interventions. If a woman has an induction of labour there is an increased chance of further interventions. In the above graph, spontaneous labour refers to labour that starts on its own. Please note that QLD statistics did not tell us if spontaneous labour is artificially sped up with medication or breaking of the bag of water. So spontaneous labour in this graph includes labours that are sped up by medical intervention.

Induction of labour in PBB’s graph refers to one or more of the following interventions used to start labour:

  • Artificial rupture of membranes
  • Balloon catheter to open the cervix
  • Prostaglandins placed in the vagina
  • Synthetic oxytocin drug to start or speed up labour

No labour is when a woman has an elective (non-emergency) caesarean before labour starts.

Queensland Hospital Statistics

Since 1985, the World Health Organization (WHO) has recommended countries keep the caesarean birth rate between 10–15% to ensure mortality rates are kept low for mothers and babies (WHO’s last statement update was April 2015). Since 1995 the cesarean birth rate has increased every year across Australia. In 2019 the Cesarean birth rate in the QLD was more than double the WHO recommendation.

A small number of breech babies are born vaginally. Instrumental births include forceps birth and vacuum extraction. The caesarean birth rate includes both elective (planned) and emergency (unplanned) caesarean births.

Queensland Hospital Statistics

Please note that even though there is a dramatic increase in interventions in labour and caesarean birth – there is no change in the perinatal death rate.

PBB attained the data in the statistics from the Queensland Government.

Photo Gallery

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