Alice Springs Hospital

Alice Springs Hospital

Alice Springs Hospital is located at 6 Gap Rd, The Gap NT 0870, and over 800 babies are born in the hospital’s maternity unit every year. You’ll receive your antenatal care from highly-experienced doctors and midwives during your pregnancy. They have Midwifery Group Practice caseload care which offers home births and antenatal home care for low-risk pregnancies. Also, if your choose MGP, you may choose water birth as one of your birthing options.

The hospital’s birthing suite has four birthing rooms, showers, toilets and baths. After giving birth, you can go home at least four hours after giving birth or move from the birthing suite to the maternity unit. Alice Springs Hospital has 16 beds in its maternity unit. These beds are for pregnant women or those who have recently given birth.

Midwifery Antenatal Clinic

Alice Springs Hospital has a midwifery-run antenatal clinic.

Preparation for Birth Classes

Alice Springs Hospital offers preparation for birth classes.

Caseload Midwifery Practice

A caseload midwifery program is where one or two midwives care for you through pregnancy, birth and beyond. Alice Springs Hospital offers this option.

Publicly funded homebirth program

Alice Springs Hospital offers a free homebirth program for low-risk women.

Parenting Classes

Alice Springs Hospital does not offer parenting classes, but they have available resources for parents.

Breastfeeding Classes

PBB is unsure if Alice Springs Hospital offers breastfeeding classes.

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Does Alice Springs Hospital have visiting private midwives?


Does Alice Springs Hospital have visiting GP Obstetricians?


Does the Alice Springs Hospital have visiting Obstetricians?


Hospital Facilities

Antenatal Beds


Birthing Rooms


Postnatal Beds


Special Care Nursery Beds


Neonatal Intensive Care Beds


Are there birth pools available for labour and birth?

Is warm water immersion available during labour? YES

Is waterbirth an available option? YES

Can I use an inflatable birth pool? YES

Birth centres are designed to be a home away from home. A birth centre is a separate unit located away from the standard birth unit. Birth centres encompass a philosophy that pregnancy and birth are normal, natural events in the life of a woman and her family.

YES a birth centre is available at this hospital.

Does Alice Springs Hospital have a birth centre?

Birth Suite Tour Video

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What support is available if I have difficulties breastfeeding my baby?

Breastfeeding/lactation clinic? YES

Lactation consultants on the postnatal ward? UNKNOWN

Accredited as a baby friendly hospital? YES

Baby-friendly accredited?

Alice Springs Hospital is accredited under the global Baby Friendly Health Initiative program. The hospital supports breastfeeding, and lactation specialist midwives are on-hand to ensure babies are feeding well before going home.

Alice Springs Hospital Statistics

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