30 Weeks Pregnant

You have reached the final ten weeks of your pregnancy, and excitement and nerves may be setting in. If you haven’t already, make sure you organise childbirth classes so you have more information about what to expect during your baby’s birth, options available and the antenatal period. Remember, knowledge is power.

30 weeks pregnantHow is your baby growing when 30 Weeks Pregnant?

Your baby now measures 27cm from head to bottom and weighs about 1.3kg.   Your growing baby is now taking up more space in your uterus. As your baby’s eyes are becoming more mature they can tell the difference between dark and light. A 30 week old baby can even follow a light source with their eyes.

What You May Feel

By this stage of your pregnancy, your blood volume has doubled. So, monitoring your blood pressure at antenatal appointments is even more important from now on. Your midwife or doctor also monitors your general well-being and that of your baby and will discuss any concerns they have with you. You may find sleep is starting to become morechallenging, even with a pregnancy pillow for support, and you can find yourself wide awake at night. Difficulty sleeping is commonplace and may mean you need to take a nap during the day.

30 weeks pregnant

Tips when you are 30 Weeks Pregnant

It’s time to start thinking about your hospital bag. While you don’t need to pack it just yet, it is a perfect time to consider what you need to take with you. To make sure you organise your bag appropriately, you may need to head to the shops for extra supplies. Depending on where you are giving birth to your baby, you can look at the hospital or maternity unit website for a list of what it provides and what you need to take yourself.

Published 4th July 2022

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