Sharp Scratch episode 89: What’s in a name?

In this episode of Sharp Scratch we talk all about names. We discuss the nuances involved when addressing colleagues and supervisors with their formal titles, reflecting on how and when the title “doctor” is used, as well as sharing our own experiences. This episode features two expert guests alongside a regular panellist and previous Sharp Scratch host, Nikki Nabavi. A bit of backgroundSome supervisors say “call me Bob” but others insist on “Dr Jones.” In this episode we’re reflecting on what types of supervisors fall into each camp and why sometimes using professional titles seems like honouring someone’s hard work, whereas other times it feels like putting you in your place.To get some background on the topic, we spoke to our two expert guests. Dr Anna Baverstock who is a paediatric consultant in Somerset and has a wellbeing role within the trust. She is passionate about kindness, civility, and inclusion….
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