Breastfeeding Sophie

Breastfeeding, Formula, Stigma and Confusion: What’s A New Mom To Do?

Breastfeeding Sophie

Feeding Sophie by David Leo Veksler

In this era of social media, new moms are clearly overwhelmed by too much information. It’s super difficult to know where to turn for the right information. One of the least helpful things for new moms is when they find a website or a forum dedicated to new moms, and their different views are attacked with little provocation and no reason.

When you consider that every human being on this planet is incredibly different, there is no one way to do anything at all. There is no absolutely correct way for every single person on the planet to eat, no one way to drink, and certainly no one way to raise a newborn!

So whenever new moms tell me that they found this forum or that forum, I am always encouraging (since it is so important for moms to get help with raising their new baby), but I also try to gently warn them of what they may find. You see, in this era of nastiness on every social media group, internet newspaper website, and everywhere else that people can get out their anger without consequence, it is very hard to avoid being outright attacked if your beliefs are different than someone else’s.


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