NH365 115: Laundry products ALERT – How to clean up a toxic home environment

naturalhealth365 podcast(NaturalHealth365) What exactly is the problem with many of the laundry products sold throughout the United States? And, more importantly, how does this affect our health? The answer may surprise you.

For starters, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration does NOT regulate this industry like, food and medicine. The fact is, according to our special guest, “manufacturers of everyday cleaning solutions are not legally required to list ingredients unless they’re deemed “potentially harmful.”

The trouble is, many of the chemicals in these popular items have not been adequately tested for safety.”

Don’t be fooled by deceptive marketing of TOXIC laundry products

Despite the appearance portrayed in many T.V. commercials, most laundry detergents are filled with artificial fragrances, cancer-causing chemicals, petroleum-based carriers, synthetic brighteners and dyes. The question is clear: why would anyone concerned about their health want to put these chemicals on their clothes?

Keep in mind, when we use chemicals on our clothes, they will end up getting absorbed through our skin. And, we all know that toxins place an unwanted burden on our detoxification pathways and overall immune function.

Simply put, avoiding toxins is one of the best things you can do for your health – especially if you’re dealing with chronic health problems like allergies, autoimmune disorders or even cancer.

Today, on the NaturalHealth365 Podcast, I’ll introduce you to a better way of cleaning your clothes – without the need for toxic chemicals.

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Podcast highlights include:

  • Amazing story about how Stephen started his ‘non-toxic journey’
  • Discover the TOXIC truth about commercial brands of laundry products
  • See WHY a chemical manufacturer is really a “good guy!” 🙂
  • Find out which ingredients are really bad and why they should be avoided
  • Tips on choosing the best cleaning products
  • Plus, much more – including a very SPECIAL OFFER!

About Stephen Ezell

Stephen Ezell is a disruptive thought leader in the conscious capital movement. He has positioned multiple “triple net” companies strongly in their markets and has created sustainable jobs in three countries.

He’s been an owner, president and CEO of several companies for over a decade. He is currently the co-founder & CEO of MyGreenFills.com and MemberBoxes.com, both are innovative companies on a mission to create massive change in industries in desperate need of disruption.

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